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We work with a number of high quality brands that we help launch or grow in the middle east. 


The team

We are a relativity small team, with key people that together, have over 60 years of Middle East experience in sales and marketing. Mainly but not limited to the food and drink sector.

The majority of the team are British, but we also have a dynamic local partner that helps to ensure that the certain customs and regional differences that occur in business are dealt with efficiently smoothing the grounds for sales.

Our team have built strong relationships with buyers in HORECA, on-trade, off-trade, retailers, supermarkets to include major airlines and multiple convenience stores.

How we work

As a team we like selling and marketing products that we genuinely believe in and that we consider have a unique quality, taste, feature or branding. Our portfolio of Brands is more ‘boutique’ in size rather than ‘supermarket’, so allowing us the time to focus properly on your brand and its promotion.  Of course, we are always looking to grow the brands with whom we work, but we are also keen to ensure that we enjoy working with the brand as much as they hopefully like working with us, so it becomes a partnership. We are known to purchasing departments for only bringing the best to the table and always want to be seen in this light.

We look for unique British products, with a “good story” that we can share with our customer base, as we are passionate about bringing “the Best of British” out to the Middle East, which we know that the high percentage of expats will appreciate. We like nothing more than a product that simply tastes superior or has unique qualities that as a team we can be enthusiastic about taking to the market place.

What can we do?

We can do as little or as much as you want to get your brand the attention it deserves, the below are just a few of the ways that we can help you create that all important buzz.

  • Get your brand in front of key buyers and decision makers in different sectors.

  • Help you work on a marketing strategy to either launch or improve sales in specific regions

        experienced in “pop up” activation's to create a buzz around your product.

  • One off or ongoing events to providing strong social media content that can be used locally and with your own established socials.

  • Launch and maintain a Middle East website offering your range directly to consumers.

  • Press releases and media packs can be produced and put into the hands of influencers and journalists that will help you to gain your brand media traction and to help with overall regional product awareness and sales development.

We have a vast network in the Middle East of agencies we work with on a regular basis depending on our client’s requirements.  The team is highly connected and if there is something that we cannot do in house we will be sure to have contact with an expert in that given field with whom we can work to deliver your requirements.

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